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Dog Friendly Places in Peachtree City For You and Buddy

As pet parents, it is only natural to want to bring your pets with you everywhere you go. You may want to bring them with you to work, to the store, or just about anywhere else you go. While this is not always an option, there are some locations you can visit with your pet. This goes further than just taking your pup with you for dog grooming in Peachtree City.


Bruster’s Ice Creamdogs-cool-taking-pictures

This chain ice cream restaurant has always been pet friendly and is the perfect place to take your pet for an afternoon out on the town. Throughout the year they have many events and promotions, which often include free sundaes for your dog. Ice cream is always a great accessory before or after dog grooming in Peachtree City.


Peachtree City Dog Park

This park is located near Flat Creek and is the perfect location when you want to allow your dog to run off leash. The fenced in sections ensure that your pet will not get loose. They can make new friends and play with other dogs. The dog park is a fun place that all dogs should enjoy on a regular basis. Many pet parents find that this can be an excellent



Did you see that one coming? That’s the business of competition. Or maybe it is that both of these companies value pets and understand the struggles of pet parents who want to take their pets with them everywhere. While the closest Lowes is in Fayetteville, it is still worth keeping in mind in case you love to shop at Lowes.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

small-dog-hair-cut-groomingJust as you would take your dog to a pet business in the area, Splash and Dash welcomes pets into the store. You do not even have to come in for the best dog grooming Peachtree City has to offer. There is a boutique filled with high quality pet products, including dog food, furniture, treats, toys and more. However, if you are looking for dog grooming in Peachtree City, then you should know that we offer a membership program that allows you to bring your pet in as much as you want for one low monthly price.