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A Quick Guide to Different Dog Food in Peachtree City

Wet Dog Food

Of all dog food in Peachtree City, this is the highest in fat. Most canned, wet foods are covered in gravy, chunks of jelly, and with meatloaf-type stuff on the inside. It should be used more sparingly or as a special treat because of the higher fat-content. Mixing with part dry food will also help fight pet obesity, or use it to help an underweight pet gain what they need to be healthy again.


Dry Dog Foodshutterstock_126417380

Probably the most common and usually the cheapest. Dry dog food in Peachtree City often comes in bags as pellets, sold in large and small shapes for dogs of different sizes. This food should be kept fresh with a sealed bag or container so it doesn’t turn stale. It is lower in fat-content than wet food, but not quite as delicious. Most dogs still enjoy it and it comes in just as many flavors as the wet food.


Semi-Moist Foods

A bit less common than the first two, this dog food in Peachtree City comes in the form of soft pellets with a chewy texture and are generally packed in sachets. Most of the time semi-moist foods are dog treats and not meals at all.


Organic Dog Food

There is a lot of organic dog food in Peachtree. What this means is that the ingredients that went into the dog food happened naturally, without enhancing help and often without pesticide. Many people prefer organic because there is assumed a lesser chance of poisoning and the idea that it is healthier than those with growth hormones or where pesticides were used in the fields.


Grain-Free Dog Foodpet_supplies_dogs

Little known fact: many dogs and cats are actually allergic to grain. If you have a pet with a sensitive stomach, try treating them to grain-free meal. This means no rice, no bread of any kind is used in it and typically it’s easier for pets to digest.


People Food as Dog Food

Dog food in Peachtree City isn’t the only option. You always have the choice of feeding your dog human food. While it’s not recommended, you can feed them a few human foods with no negative recourse such as fresh chicken breast (cooked) and other meats. Careful of giving them turkey bones as they splinter and also be wary of giving your dog too many table scraps or they may gain weight or start to beg. Use it as a treat and don’t ever let your dog come to expect you to feed her your food.