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Ways to Prepare for Doggie Daycares in Peachtree City

Doggie Daycares in Peachtree City are super helpful if you’re unable to be with your dog for large chunks of the day. They allow working pet parents to give their pets a place to run, play, and socialize while they’re at work instead of leaving them at home alone which can cause separation and social anxiety. If you’ve never been to doggie daycare in Peachtree City before, here are a few things to remember before and during your first trip.


1.    Be Honest On Your Applicationdog-playing-at-beach

It may be embarrassing to say your dog is easily frightened or that he can sometimes be aggressive, but it’s imperative to not only the safety of others, but the safety of himself. The doggie daycares in Peachtree City to know all of your pet’s habits and personality quirks in order to best prepare themselves for the behavior and how to respond. They also know who to assign to watch your dog pending on the personality needs. If they know he gets possessive or aggressive from certain triggers, they can assist him in having more fun while he’s there because they’ll know what to look for and what to prevent from happening. Be as honest as you can. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t want someone else’s dog hurting yours because they didn’t fill out the application honestly.


2.    Give Your Dog Other Opportunities to Socialize

Doggie daycares in Peachtree City can be an overwhelming experience for multiple reasons. There are new sights, sounds, people, dogs… and most importantly, you aren’t there. Help your dog out by preparing them a little bit ahead of time and taking them out for walks. Help them get accustomed to meeting other dogs and being in new environments so it’s not such a drastic change when they make it to the daycare center.


3.    Bring All Your Pet’s Papers With You to Doggie Daycares in Peachtree City

All doggie daycares in Peachtree City will require that your dog is fully vaccinated if they want to stay for any period of time. Remember to have all your proof of vaccination ready to present. It should only take the one time, but ask for the specific rules at the doggie daycare. If your dog is female and has not been fixed, know that most doggie daycares in Peachtree City do not admit dogs in heat.


4.    Visit Doggie Daycares in Peachtree City Beforehand

dogs-fetching-sticks-in-yardIt’s important to check out doggie daycares in Peachtree City prior to leaving your dog there just to make sure the facility is exactly what you thought. It’s also important to meet the staff and make sure they’re trained professionals, especially if your dog has any specific problems or needs (like medication). This is the perfect time to ask any extra questions or take a tour and decide if this place is really right for you and your dog.


5.    Think About Bringing Your Dog’s Favorite Toy

For the especially anxious dogs, ask the care professionals if you are able to bring your dog’s favorite toy for comfort. Some doggie daycares in Peachtree City may not allow it in order to protect the toy from destruction by other dogs or to keep aggression at bay if the toy is taken, so ask ahead of time. Just having this toy can help ease your dog’s anxiety by giving them something familiar in an unfamiliar place.