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Doggie Daycares in Peachtree City

As much as we want to spend everyday with our lovable, furry companions, sometimes we just can’t. Between work, taking kids to school, family outings, or other random events that get in the way. There are a handful of alternatives in the local Peachtree area. So if you’re having a hard time finding time, but don’t want your furry friend to get lonely, check out some of these doggie daycares in Peachtree City


Puppy Tubs B&B Pet Resortdog-dye-grooming

Puppy Tubs is an excellent choice for doggie daycares in Peachtree City as they offer ½ day (6 hour) fees as low as $13 and full day being $20, there’s also the ability to purchase passes in bulk for a discount, night passes if you’re going out of town, and multi-dog discounts. Puppy Tubs boasts its with soft beds, exercise, playroom, treats, swimming in the right season, movies, and lots of love and attention. The team comes highly recommended online. They also offer training classes through Peachtree’s local dog training company T.A.O. K9.


The Fur Pet Resort & Doggie Daycare

This doggie daycare in Peachtree City has hard to beat prices including ½ days (4 hours or less) for only $10s and full days for $19. There are discounts on multi-day and multi-dog passes and they offer activities like playtime sessions, night runs, extra cuddle time, bedtime stories, doggie movies, baths and pampering, and overnight stays. They, too, come highly recommended and they offer coupons regularly for that extra special dog care for less.


Homeward Hounds Pet Sitting

Owned and run by a self-proclaimed dog fanatic, Homeward Hounds is a doggie daycare in Peachtree City located just a little more to the north in Sharpsburg. This sitter boasts their coming to visit you. It not only serves dogs, but cats, birds, fish, pocket pets, and more. They offer pricing from $20-$40 depending on the location and visits per day. They are also open during holidays for those who go away on vacation. On top of that, they offer a bath and pet taxi service and a concierge service such as running to the store for your pet needs for you. If you’re uncertain about hiring an in-home sitter, one of the benefits Homeward Hounds boasts eliminating anxiety by keeping your pets in a familiar environment.


Camp Mimi Pet Resortpet_owners_family

Camp Mimi isn’t a doggie daycare in Peachtree City, but in Senoia. They are a bit more expensive, but offer deluxe lodgings for cats and dogs. The cat boarding is private and away from the dogs, and the dogs are given so much playing room they will not know what to do with it. This doggie daycare in Peachtree City also offers swimming and lots of playroom. Overnight rooms that are large, discounted fees for sibling dogs, dog washing, and even Holiday care. They also mention specialized services for basic obedience and specialized training.