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Dog Safety Tips for Easter

If you celebrate Easter it can be fun to include your pet in on these springtime festivities. However, you do not want to put your pet in danger during this time. This is why it is helpful to know a few safety tips for this fun holiday.


Pay Attention to the Children’s Easter Eggscute_halloween_dog_colored_hair

The first thing you will want to do is keep your dog out of the yard once you hide the Easter eggs for children. This is why it is best to take them for a walk or let them out beforehand. You do not want your dog to get into the Easter eggs as the plastic can cause issues and many Easter eggs have chocolate and candy that are harmful to your pet. When the kids are done, make sure that all eggs are collected so your dog does not find it later on.


Have a Dog Easter Egg Hunt with High Quality Dog Food in Peachtree City

Rather than just having an Easter egg hunt for your children, have one for your dog. This is a great way to involve them in the holiday and spoil them some in the process. You can fill the eggs with treats and high quality dog food in Peachtree City. The other option is to just hide the treats and food in the yard without an egg.


Be Aware of Other Dangers for Your Dog


There are several other dangers that Easter can present for your dog. This is why it is helpful to know what they are so that you can help to find ways to keep your dog safe. Some of the dangers to be on the lookout include:


  • Easter Grass- While cats tend to be more attracted to this than dogs, some dogs will also try to go after the Easter Grass. In the same way the dog may also try to go after the Easter basket which may include chocolate. The best thing you can do is to keep the baskets out of reach of the dogs or simply change out the grass for paper.
  • Easter Lilies- While these flowers are beautiful and often given for Easter, they are actually quite toxic to pets. Make sure if you receive any or decide to purchase them that they are kept out of the way of their reach. Make sure as the lillies die and fall off that they do not fall where your pet can reach them.