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Preparing Your Pup for Swimming with Pet Stores

Your dog will either love or hate water when you first bring them to it, and if they hate it, that’s nothing that can’t be changed. With that said, there is a method to the madness when it comes to introducing a pet to water for the first time (or anytime after that if they’re still nervous around it). Grabbing a life jacket from pet stores in Peachtree City shouldn’t be necessary for most pets, but if yours is a snubbed nosed and/or top heavy breed, then you do not want to approach the water without one. As you introduce your pet to the water, be prepared for curiosity, laughter, and fun. Here are some important details to remember:


dogs-at-beachNot All Dogs Can Swim

Jumping into the water seems fun in theory. You’ve seen the videos on the internet or the dogs in the movies where they just follow you in your someone pushes their dog in and it’s a miracle, they’re swimming and having fun—but the thing is, not all dogs can swim. Think of the snub nosed dogs or the top heavy dogs who need the life jackets from pet stores in Peachtree City. The slow, positive introduction of water to a pet will be important to the enjoyment of swimming later on in life, so don’t rush them if they don’t want to get in.


Dogs Get Lost Easily in Water

If you’ve ever been on a boat or out doing water sports, you’ve probably seen someone fall into the water. It’s easy to find a person who has fallen into the water or swam out too far because he or she can wave and yell to get attention. A dog that has fallen overboard or been pulled out by currents cannot wave its arms or yell for your attention. Learn good safety habits for taking your dog out on the water, perhaps purchase a book on water safety from pet stores in Peachtree City. The most important thing to remember is that if your dog falls overboard, keep your eyes on them and point at them continuously until you get them back on board. If you lose sight of your dog, you may lose them forever.


Minimize Distractions When Introducing Dog to Water 

Birds, boats, other people can all make introducing your dog to water harder. When introducing a dog to water, it’s important to make distractions as minimal as possible in order to insure your dog is paying attention to the task at hand. Bring treats from the pet stores in Peachtree City and after your dog goes swimming, reinforce the behavior with a reward.



Be Careful Going under Water

With the floppiness of dog ears, water can get caught inside of them and cause ear infections. Don’t push a dog’s head underwater and definitely don’t play with their ears when they’re in the water. When a dog gets out, it’s best to make sure their ears are dry and water free from the inside to prevent any health issues. If something does happen to develop or you notice any irritation from your dog, take them to the vet and then to the pet stores in Peachtree City. Don’t just feel around their ears with a Q-tip or you may risk doing further damage.