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Is Dog Sitting Better than Dog Boarding in Peachtree City?

Dog boarding in Peachtree City definitely has its benefits. Dog boarding facilities are easier to find than reputable dog sitters and many vets offices offer dog boarding as one of their services so you know that they are under good medical professionals. However by the same token, most vets’ offices don’t have yards or have minimal play area and many dog boarding facilities have one person per a dozen dogs. There is definitely merit in dog boarding in Peachtree City, but there’s also positive traits for dog sitting. If you’re considering boarding or sitting and can’t make up your mind, here are some of their key differences:


Dog Sitting Allows Pets to Remain in Their Usual Environmentshutterstock_222964915

Many dogs can get overwhelmed when put in different situations like dog boarding in Peachtree City. Being somewhere new surrounded by dogs and not seeing one face they recognize can be really stressful. If your dog is more prone to separation or social anxiety, dog sitting might be the way to go. Your dog is able to stay in a space he calls his own, so he will be a lot more comfortable without you there.


Dog Boarding Usually Means Social Opportunities

Dog boarding in Peachtree City also often doubles as Doggie Daycare in Peachtree City which means your dog will have a yard as well as a herd of other dogs to befriend and play with. This can help your dog cope with the lack of you in their day. Social opportunities offer anxiety relief overtime and in small doses if your dog struggles with being social. This is something that pet sitting will not have as much of.


Dog Boarding in Peachtree City Has Less Personalized Attention

shutterstock_135432188Dog boarding in Peachtree City can be great for socialization with other dogs, but if your dog is on the needier side for human attention, it is probably not the best place for your dog. Usually there are far more dogs than there are humans and while many boarding facilities try to spread love out evenly between all of their visitors, some dogs are just more demanding of attention. That’s where dog sitting is better. If you have a sitter who stays with your dog and doesn’t just come in for visits and walks, your dog has a companion for all the attention that they need. Even sitters that come in a few times a day will offer a lot of personal attention if they take the dog for walks or play with him a half hour to an hour each time.


Pet Sitters Often Double as House Sitters

Pet sitters have dog boarding in Peachtree City beat with this one. If you plan to be gone for a longer period of time and think your house might need maintaining, look for pet sitters who also double as live-in house sitters who will water your plants, start your car, and do cleaning whenever you deem necessary. Your house doesn’t have to get dusty just because you aren’t there.