Pet Stores

No-Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts Found at Pet Stores

Valentine’s Day was once a day for lovers, but now it’s recognized as a day to show your love to those you care about and there’s no companion more loyal than your dog. It can be easy to get caught up in the chocolate and roses and forget about your pet, but visiting pet stores in Peachtree City can offer many awesome opportunities for pet gifts and spoiling opportunities. If you’re unsure about what to give your dog this coming Valentine’s Day, check out some of these great gift ideas.


Doggie Baked Goods

You can find these in most pet stores in Peachtree City and specialty shops. Splash and Dash even sells some doggie baked goods. You can find cookies, cake, and in some places you can also find ice cream. Dogs love to eat and there’s no better way to them than with a hearty dog cookie with their name written all over it.


Dog Clothes in Pet Stores in Peachtree Cityshopping_for_your_dog

You can have them tailored, you can grab them off the rack in pet stores in Peachtree City, but the point is, dogs can be just as well dressed as you. From bowties to wedding gowns, handkerchiefs to hot dog costumes, some dogs really love dressing up. If you’re in a particularly cold state or time of year, many dogs actually appreciate the extra warmth that a knit sweater can offer. If you’re not into purchasing dog clothing, there are lots of guides online on how to make your own and then you can give your dog a sweater with your own special touch.


Dog Fountains and Baths

Some dogs really love water. Pet stores in Peachtree City actually offer in-house fountains that provide filtered water for your dog. They don’t just look pretty or sound nice, but when you provide your dog with running drinking water, you’re giving him a healthier life.  Running water fountains have been proven to help prevent urinary infections in cats and dogs by cleaning the water. This is especially helpful if it’s a shared waterhole. Dog baths come in all shapes, sizes, and even heated Jacuzzis. If you’re feeling particularly generous this Valentine’s day, think of getting your dog (and yourself?) the ultimate at-home spa treatment.


Dog Grooming in Peachtree City


Speaking of spa treatment, it doesn’t have to remain in house. Dog grooming in is offered in pet stores in Peachtree City at varying prices with varying specialties. Dog grooming isn’t just to pretty a pet either, it can rejuvenate the spirit and improve health. Splash and Dash’s Signature Service makes regular dog grooming affordable and easy with a simple monthly fee based on your dog’s size. Not only can you get your dog a grooming for a day, but you can purchase a regular service for your dog and improve their day-to-day life. Splash and Dash’s Signature Service also includes the 10-point wellness check to look for any early signs of health problems. There’s no better gift for a pet on any day than the gift of health.